March 1, 2011

Townsend left junior day impressed

Sheimiah Townsend, a 2012 linebacker prospect from Indianapolis, has yet to receive an offer from a division one program. Having visited both Wisconsin and Michigan State over the past weekend for their respective junior days, though, it seems as though interest in the 6-foot-1, 200-pound player is growing.

But with linebacker scholarships looking a little scarce for Wisconsin -considering Vince Biegel is at the top of the list - whether or not Townsend receives an offer from UW remains to be seen. One thing is certain, though, and that is the fact the Badgers like what the junior brings to the table. caught up with Townsend Tuesday night. The following is a question and answer with him after enjoying a couple of trips that went "really well."

Starting with the Wisconsin trip, what did they have you doing? Talk about that trip and what they had you do all day?

Townsend: With the Wisconsin trip they let us come in and watch the players go through their winter workout and what they do for a daily routine. From there, they gave us a tour of the facilities and the tour of the campus. We got to sit down with our position coach and they pretty much just gave us what they do on a daily basis there.

So you got a chance to talk with your position coach? How did that go?

Townsend: It went pretty well. He said he's already watched film on me and everything. They have a new linebacker coach Dave Huxtable.

He's new on that staff. What kind of vibe did you get from him and had you talked with him before?

Townsend: No, I hadn't talked to him prior to meeting him on that day. I really liked the energy that he brings to that school.

Did you get a chance to talk with coach Bret Bielema at all?

Townsend: Not one-on-one, but he did come into the room and he did talk to us.

Overall, what were your impressions of the Wisconsin campus and your day there?

Townsend: Yeah, we did get to see the overall campus. It wasn't an on-foot tour, they took us on the bus.

Talk about Michigan State. How was that trip and what did they have you do over there?

Townsend: Michigan State pretty much did the same. They didn't give us a tour of the campus but they gave us a tour of the facility and the weight room and training room. It was a big difference from Wisconsin, actually. I really like the feeling of Wisconsin more because it's a big school, but at the same time it seems as though they cater to you and your needs at that school. As far as Michigan State I really didn't get that feel from them.

Did either school come close to giving you an offer? Where do they stand with you as far as that goes?

Townsend: Well, coach Chris Ash is my recruiting coach from Wisconsin and he said that they're highly interested in me. Michigan State, I don't think they've even come close to offering me.

At this point I take it that you enjoyed your time over at Wisconsin a little bit more than Michigan State?

Townsend: Yeah, I did.

How is the rest of your recruitment going? Are there any other schools that are involved other than those two?

Townsend: I don't remember the date, but I'm supposed to be going down to Tennessee.

Is that for a junior day or to see one of their spring practices?

Townsend: Yeah, I think so (referring to junior day). I don't remember off the top of my head for sure. Illinois, they emailed my dad not too long ago. I think that was to come and look at their campus and for me to come and participate in one of their camps.

One more question about Wisconsin. Coach Ash said they were very interested in you, what did they say that they liked about you?

Townsend: He didn't say per se, because he was talking more to my coach. He did turn and say to me and a friend of mine that they were highly interested in me.

Who was your friend?

Townsend: Yeah, his name is Kevin Brown.

Maybe for somebody that hasn't seen you play, how would you describe the way you get out there at the linebacker position when you're playing.

Townsend: When I'm out there, really, I just have fun. I enjoy the thrill of competition. I always look for who is better than me so I can stack my abilities against theirs and see where I stand. That's why I wanted to play so much at the varsity level this year because I don't feel like anybody in my class can give me that competition that I'm looking for. So that's a big thing that drives me when I'm out there. Once I find that team that I know I can truly just play my hardest against, that's when I enjoy myself the most. Then I get physical and just really test my abilities overall.

Do you have any offers right now?

Townsend: No, I have none at the moment.

Is there a specific way that you would like this to play out? If an offer, or two or three start rolling in would you make a decision right away or would you kind of wait it out?

Townsend: At first, I would kind of wait it out and see who all was offering me. But really, I really liked Wisconsin out of the programs I've visited so far.

Are you planning on going up to Wisconsin's summer camp?

Townsend: Yeah I am. They invited me up to one of their one-day camps. Iowa and Ohio State have also invited me to their one-day camps.

Are you going to attend all three of those and what do you hope to accomplish from all three of those?

Townsend: Yeah, I am. Hopefully, after they see some of my skill sets then hopefully they'll come and talk to me about playing for one of their schools. That's what I'm looking to accomplish with these.

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