January 31, 2012

Video Interview: Brian Walker has a favorite

Talk a little about how last season went.

It went pretty good…I think I learned a lot, being able to start this year. I had different teammates, a couple of different coaches but, as a whole, I think we did really good. I'm ready for next season, though.

How did you improve from last year to this past season?

I think I was a little bit more vocal from what I was the last year, I learned that from the starters last year. I think I'm getting better and better as a player - footwork-wise and all of those things. That pretty much sums it up.

What are you strengths as a defensive back?

I think my catch-up speed and my man coverage. I think that is really what carries me as a corner. Tackling and my strength are also big things for me.

What schools have been in contact with you?

NC State, Auburn, South Carolina, I've talked to Georgia Tech and Purdue somewhat, but NC State is probably the school I talk to the most.

Do you have any favorites off of that list?

NC State would probably be my favorite.

Who has offered you so far?

NC State, Minnesota, Auburn and South Carolina.

Can you talk about what schools you've seen already and what you thought of them?

I came here [to NC State] one time with Marquez North, I thought it was pretty good. At first, I didn't have that much interest in them until I took the visit and then I started to gain interest. I went to Clemson one time for a game, I enjoyed it there. That's all I've been to so far.

What did you see at NC State that you liked?

The coaching staff, I really like the coaching staff. I haven't really took a tour of the school that much, but [I like] the players and how everything works.

Are you going to NC State's junior day?

Yes, I am.

You've talked about what you like about NC State, what do you know about the program?

I don't really know that much. I know they've beat North Carolina for the past couple of seasons. But, as a whole, I don't really know that much. I'm starting to learn a little bit more every time.

Did you grow up rooting for any schools in particular?

Growing up, actually I was a Georgia fan, a big one. That kind of changed a little bit along the way. I still like them but not as much now.

Have you been following NC State pretty closely?

As the season went on, I started to. I paid more attention to them.

What was it like to see an NC State cornerback like David Amerson lead the country in interceptions?

I really enjoyed that, I actually got to see him in person when I came down here for my visit. He's a real good player, a nice guy, too.

What was it like getting to meet David and what did you think of him?

I thought it was pretty cool. He's a laid-back guy, really stays focused in practice and does what he has to do.

Talk about what you're looking for in a college - do you want to stay close to home? What are some of the biggest factors going to be?

I'd like a nice home environment where everything is on the same level. Of course, I want a good education base. I'd like a place where the players are all together and the coaches are on the same page, winning-wise. That will probably be most important.

You told us earlier that Tom O'Brien is recruiting you for NC State, what's it like having the head coach of a college program recruiting you?

It feels good. No other school really does that, the head coach really does not come to the school or anything.

Lastly, are there are colleges you haven't heard from yet that you would like to?

West Virginia probably and Georgia Tech, they've sent me a couple of letters but I haven't really been in contact with them.

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