May 14, 2013

Parrish focused on two

QUITMAN - Brooks County's Malkom Parrish is one of the fastest-rising prospects in the the state and right now two arch rivals - Georgia and Georgia Tech - are hot on his heels.

He spoke about his recruitment with UGASports below.

JR: "You've talked about making a decision this summer and your recruitment has picked up hot and heavy, tell me what schools are still in it for you."

Parrish: "It is mainly two schools. Georgia Tech and Georgia."

JR: "Tell me what it is about those two schools. Lets start with Georgia Tech. What do you like about Georgia Tech?"

Parrish: "I love the staff. The staff is remarkable. Every time I go there, I feel like I'm home. The football team is amazing plus you get a high-class education."

JR: "And what about Georgia?"

Parrish: "It's about a tie with the same thing. I love the staff. You get a high-class education. The team is remarkable like I said with Georgia Tech. They go to bowl games every year and I like the way their team gets after it.

JR: "Could you say that either team is recruiting you harder than the other?"

Parrish: "No sir. They are about neck and neck."

JR: Just talk to me about a decision. When do you think you'll get that narrowed down and make a decision?

Parrish: "I'll be able to make a decision before the season starts this year."

JR: "You've got a guy right down the road (at Lowndes) in Tre Jackson that is recruiting you to (Georgia) Tech and you obviously have a Georgia Bulldog hometown right here. Are those (outside influences) going to affect you at all?"

Parrish: "No sir. People tell me all the time, and I know it for myself, to make the decision for me and me only. I listen to everyone's opinion, but I don't judge my decision basked on their opinions."

JR: "And your mom, she is a big part of your life obviously, is she going to get any of these schools with you at some point?"

Parrish: "Yes she will."

JR: "And what kind of input is she going to have in this whole thing?"

Parrish: "Like I say, she will give her opinion, but she is really going to let me make my own decision.

JR: "And does she favor either school right now?

Parrish: "She (doesn't) favor a school."

JR: "Last thing. You are going into your senior season. You play quarterback and you are getting moved to corner(back) from safety. Talk to me about some of your goals going into the season because you are obviously a big team guy."

Parrish: "There's no goals on the stat sheet (for me) with playing football. I want to make me and my team better. I want to be that leader that they can always say, 'he lead us to wherever we may be after the season is over.'"

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