2003 Recruiting: FB/LB Lamar Mitchell

Years ago when I was watching a college All Star game something interesting struck me in the introductions. They are intereviewing each player and asking them for a quote. Some of the linebackers would say stuff like "I like to hit" or predict "pain" ala Clubber Lang in Rocky 3. Well they got to one player and they asked him for his quote and he said "I like to hurt people", but he did not smile. The announcers raved about that interview before the game and said that he was the one player they feared on the team because he was not joking about liking to cause pain to the other team. 15 years later I am talking to Dayton High School Linebacker/Fullback Lamar Mitchell and I get the exact same feeling from him. This player lives for giving the big hit. Lamar says he is currently 6'1, 231 and runs a 4.6 in the 40 time, he benches 315 and squats 430. For Dayton he plays FB, ILB and OLB. On defense he likes to play OLB and espicially enjoys "whenever the sweep comes my way".
Dayton high school is one of those teams in the Houston area that have consistently produced college talent and been in the playoffs. For this season Lamar has a simple prediction on how they will do, they will "go all the way". According to Lamar the offenses strength is passing the ball. However he does not care if he is running the ball or catching the ball. As he says "it really doesn't matter to me as long as I am giving someone some pain." No doubt that Lamar has the type of attitude that is infectious on a team and helps to get his team up.
Colleges have taken notice of him also. So far he as been offered by Texas Tech, Iowa, Iowa St and Arkansas. As for camps he is looking for a busy summer schedule of going to the Texas, A&M, Tech LSU and Iowa camps.

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As for who are his favorite schools there are three of them, Texas, Tech and A&M.
Texas- "It's close to home, they have a good team, school and campus"
Texas Tech- "good football team, close to home, I have cousins that go out there"
Texas A&M- "same as Texas"
In his top five are also Iowa and LSU. His school's biggest rival for the district title is Forest Brook high school which is always one of the top 4A schools in the state. I put the question to him about what he likes and dislikes about Forest Brook. "Forest Brook, what I dislike is everything, I don't like anything about them." I asked Lamar what position he prefers to play and he said he had no preference, "I like contact, that's what I play as for".
During the off-season the 6'1 230 pound linebacker/fullback runs track. He competes in both the 200 meter and 100 meter. No doubt terrorizing those on the track with him seeing someone so big running so fast. Lamar is listed by ourselves as a top 50 player in the state. I have seen him play and he is a fast aggressive player who will take it up a notch once he plays just on one side of the ball. As a fullback he is a good runner who can cut back on runs. Lamar definately wants to stay in state so it will be a three-way fight between A&M, Tech and Texas for him.