Johnny Manziel throws ceremonial first pitch

AYTV: Manziel throws first pitch from AggieYell TV on Vimeo.
ARLINGTON - Texas A&M Heisman quarterback Johnny Manziel threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Texas Rangers-Los Angeles Angels game Sunday night.
"My heart was beating a little bit, but it was good," Manziel said.
Manziel admitted to being nervous and that he hasn't been that nervous since the Heisman night.
Manziel was getting advice from legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan.
"Don't bounce it," he said.
Mission accomplished for Manziel.
"I didn't bounce it, that was the biggest thing," said Manziel.
Maziel said he talked with A&M baseball coaches about joining the team last summer. He took the football path though, and it is safe to say things worked out well for him.
"Things in my life have worked out pretty well. I'm pretty blessed. I wouldn't trade it for anything." Manziel said
Whether he is winning the Heisman trophy or throwing out the first pitch, Manziel continues to keep the nation on their toes. What does he have in store next?
"Whatever Coach Spavital has to say," said Manziel. "Coach Spav and Coach McKinney are the creative ones."
Manziel and the Aggies resume spring practice on Tuesday with another on Thursday. Then, Saturday on ESPN the Aggies will show the nation what they have been up to this spring during the Maroon and White Game.
"We're still young, we're still learning,'' Manziel said. "Come August, I have no worries.''