A look at Kyle Fields renovation plans

Yesterday, Texas A&M University issued a request for construction manager at-risk services. In non-bureaucratic language, it represents the next official step in the redevelopment of Kyle Field via the selection of a construction manager to oversee the project. Populous continues to be the entity that will oversee the design study phase of the project.
The term "at risk" indicates that A&M is not required to accept the low bid and can choose the construction company of their choice. It also means the architectural work will be done separately.
The total price of the project is estimated to be $400 to $450 million and will be completed in three phases. Construction is expected to start immediately after the end of the 2013 season and each phase will require approximately eight months to complete. This period normally should consist of an off season but it is anticipated to also extend into some of the encompassing football seasons as well although every effort will be made to minimize the effects of the construction on the fans themselves. Two phases could be redeveloped at the same time in order to shorten the construction period but this is considered unlikely due to the impact of the ongoing construction of one phase would have on the other phase. This means that in all likelihood that construction would be completed by the start of the 2017 season.
Approximately one quarter to one third of the costs of the construction will be paid for via donations. The remainder will be accounted for by the issuance of bonds with the sales of personal seat licenses (PSLs) and suite sales which would provide the money to pay off the bond and interest on them. Funds could also be raised through increases in student fees as well (this can only be approved from a vote of the students themselves) and perhaps with funds from the cities of Bryan and College Station (they have been asked to contribute to the project).
The RFP states that:
• The field will be lowered seven feet and moved south by 18 feet to improve sightlines.
• The south end zone will have two levels. A lower level will be used for team activities, 12th Man Productions, and media. The upper level will be used for 12,000 seats with an option to construction up to 9,000 more.
• The west side of Kyle Field will be demolished and completely rebuilt.
• G. Rollie White and East Kyle will be demolished. The lower deck will be demolished and rebuilt. Luxury boxes could be added.
• The press box will be rebuilt on the top deck of Kyle Field on the west side.
• There will be plans for a "grand indoor plaza" with access to tailgate facilities on the west side of Kyle Field.
• A "Gameday Club" will be constructed in the south end zone and will correspond to The Zone Club in The Zone at the north end of the stadium.