AggieYell Mailbag

This week,'s Mark Passwaters and Fletcher Whiteley are in control of the AggieYell Mailbag, taking reader questions and giving their take. Here's a sampling:
Q: I know you said everyone of the new recruits was expected for the first summer session, but you mentioned something about Kenny Hill maybe not coming till the second summer session. Have you heard anything on that situation? (diaryofamadman)
Fletch: This really depends on how far Southlake Carroll goes in baseball. Southlake Carroll historically, goes pretty deep in baseball and might still be playing by the time the first summer session starts.
Q: Given where we are and what you know to date, finish out your bet for the recruiting class by position with names. Name the top five impact recruits for your projected class. (fhauser)
Fletch: Naming 15 more recruits is rather difficult but to pick the top five impact kids if all goes well a class with Myles Garrett, Nick Harvey, Jamal Adams, Brandon Harris, and Hoza Scott are all impact recruits. The 2014 recruiting class in Texas is very strong on defense.
Q: If you could nitpick the staffs recruiting, what/where would you like to see improvement? (jtb6420)
Fletch: Nothing. What they do and the relationships they have are incredible. They make sure each position coach sees each recruit of the position they coach regardless if it's in their territory or not in the evaluation process. Example would be North Forney's Armani Watts. Not only did David Beaty see him, but also Marcel Yates saw him too.
Q: Speedy Noil, how shocking is his top 2 to you? What do you think are chances are (others then obvious 50/50)? How does this affect Willis? (Aggie_00)
Mark: For lack of a better term, I was floored. Even if LSU isn't a player (you have to think they're still lurking), to put A&M at the top of the list was a shock. I knew he liked the Aggies from talking to him in March, but for him to say it was A&M/USC/Florida and then have his coaches say it was more A&M/USC was eye opening. Considering that he has a strong relationship with new Aggie Noel Ellis, it's closer to home and he likes David Beaty a lot, I think A&M is definitely the favorite if it's just those two (or if you add Florida to the equation). As for Willis -- we'll see. They're both supposed to be coming to visit College Station in the pretty near future.
Q: Compare and contrast Kyle Allen and Brandon Harris. Who do you think is the best fit for us and who do we have the best shot at? (Shike Merman)
Mark: Using current A&M quarterbacks as an example, Allen is more like Matt Joeckel and Harris is more like Matt Davis (there is no Johnny Manziel). I use those two examples because Allen is more of a pocket passer and an efficient runner of an offense, strengths that Joeckel displays (though Allen's arm is stronger). Harris, like Davis, has a big arm and can use his legs to keep plays alive. Both can fit into A&M's offense, but I think the chances of landing Harris are far higher.
Q: Who are your top 5 game changers we could still realistically land in 2014? And can you give us a small update on them? (pkag032)
Mark: "Game changers" is a term I'm not a fan of because it's pretty arbitrary. My opinion may not match someone else's (in fact, it probably won't). Tony Brown is, and has been, my favorite player in this class for nearly a year, but I honestly don't know how good a shape A&M is in with him right now. But my list would include a powerful pass rushing defensive end (Myles Garrett); a Ty Warren type athletic big body who has speed and strength (Gerald Willis III); a burner at wideout (Speedy Noil); another athletic defensive back (Jamal Adams) and a big guy with both athleticism and intelligence who can develop into a top flight tackle (Koda Martin). Those may not change a game, but they are players who can help significantly alter A&M's future prospects.
Q: How do you see this year's schedule playing out, which are games we can work on depth, blow outs and traps? (LostNCO)
Mark: Let's see here...
Rice: Blow out
SHSU: Blow out
SMU: Blow out
@Arkansas: Don't like them this year. A&M wins solidly.
@Ole Miss: IT'S A TRAP
Auburn: Home game. A&M wins going away.
Vanderbilt: I love coach Franklin and what he's done. But A&M's just too talented for them.
UTEP: Sorry, Jameill.
Mississippi State: See Auburn
@Missouri: This is a potential trap game as well, but Mizzou will have to have everything go right for that to be the case.
Q: What are the differences between Speedy Noil and Bralon Addison and which would you rather have? (reckless_TOCUser_3943)
Mark: Noil is bigger, faster and more athletic. I would take him any time. Also, I don't think Addison is seriously considering leaving Oregon.
Q: What are your thoughts on dividing the job of offensive coordinator? Seems it would cause some conflict, but I suppose it depends on the two guys involved. First post. (AgNok)
Mark: Good first post. It's an arrangement pretty much in name only; Clarence McKinney's going to be calling the plays. Other guys, including Jake Spavital and David Beaty, will have an input -- but it's going to be McKinney's car to drive.