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AMs top two commits react

On Thursday evening Mike Sherman's tenure as head coach at Texas A&M came to an end. As the Aggies prepare to enter the SEC next year the powers that be decided to go in a new direction after a disappointing season.
With any coaching change in college football, attention understandably turns to the current recruiting class. The Aggie class currently sits at 23 commitments and it is a group that has largely bonded over the course of the last several months. They have even dubbed themselves the "AggSwaggMovement."
One of the leaders of the class and easily the most-hype of the bunch is five-star Spring (Texas) Dekaney running back Trey Williams. He first heard the news of Sherman's firing while hosting A&M running backs coach Randy Jordan on an in-home visit Thursday evening. Williams told Jordan, "Everything is in jeopardy."
Williams said there is a lot on his plate right now with the Sherman announcement and the fact that Dekaney enters the fourth round of the playoffs this weekend. He says he appreciates Jordan's concern for him.
"You cannot let this hurt your game," Jordan said to Williams, "Pray about everything and focus on your game this weekend against Westfield."
Williams says he was up front with Jordan about his reaction over the release of Sherman.
"I am very disappointed," Williams said. "Sherman is a great guy and I wish he could be there to do great things with our recruiting class, but I know he will do great things wherever he is. I am praying for you coach Sherman."
Williams says he is understandably upset with the choice to let Sherman go but still considers himself a member of the Aggie class.
"I am still a solid A&M commit," he said, "but if they let coach Jordan go, then I will really have to think about things."
Williams made it very clear he wants to play under Jordan but will the AggSwaggMovement be enough to keep the five-star at A&M if the running backs coach is not retained? Rivals250 quarterback and fellow Texas A&M commit Matt Davis could help keep him in the fold.
"Right now it is hard to see the positives because coach Sherman is a great coach and even more importantly a great guy," Davis said.
Sherman was actually five minutes from Davis' house for an in-home visit when Davis received a phone call on Thursday. "Hey Matt. I will not be able to make it," Sherman said.
"For some reason now as I think back to our conversation," Davis said, "I keep thinking about how Sherman kept on apologizing and specifically when he said, 'The ball does not bounce your way all the time, and this season it did not go our way. We lost games we should not have and I take that upon myself.'"
Davis has found some positives through the AggSwaggMovement though.
"We were all looking forward to playing under coach Sherman," Davis said, "but despite everything we always have and are now so excited to play together."
Davis explained that there is no other recruiting class in the nation like the A&M class of 2012.
"We are more than teammates already. We have become best friends."
Davis says he has already talked to almost the entire recruiting class, including Williams.
"I am not worried about if Trey is going anywhere," Davis said, "He just needs some time to let it all sink in."
Davis said the conversations between all the commits basically were all the same.
"If you are staying, I am staying. Ok, you're staying? Me too."
Davis says he would be forever grateful for the opportunity Sherman has provided him.
"He sent me my first letter," Davis said, "He gave me my first offer and he kept the faith in me we I got injured."
Davis says he feels a since of responsibility to be the rock, but he knows he does not have to do it alone.
"All of us in this recruiting class have each others' backs. We will not let each other fall and will bring all that everyone expects of us to the A&M team next season."