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Arjei Henderson 1-on-1 with AY

I caught up recently with Arjei Henderson, the 2019 five-star recruit from Travis High School in Richmond Texas . He is ranked as the #6 player overall in the Rivals 100 and the #3 wide receiver in the nation. He is spending his spring break hosting the #3 overall player and the #1 wide receiver in the nation, Theo Wease, from Allen, Texas. This past weekend he was in Dallas where they both participated in the Dallas regional for the Texas Team Elite 7v7 tournament, which they won.

CR: You recently named your top three, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Alabama. What are your plans going forward in your recruiting process?

AH: I will be visiting Texas A&M on April the 7th-8th. The next weekend I will be visiting Oklahoma. Still no plans set yet for Alabama. We are still trying to work out the details on that one. I am in no hurry to take that one.

CR: Since officials are earlier this year, does this mean a decision will be early?

AH: I can’t speak on that now. It could be a spur of the moment thing. If a decision comes, then it will come. I will take the process slow.

CR: Since you and Theo are so close, how does that work? Two guys so close to each other and want to play together.

AH: Well, we are always competing. We both think we are number #1. I want to be better than him, and he wants to be better than me. When the first ranking came out during our sophomore year, I had to look him up and watch his films. I had no idea who he was. He deserved the #1 ranking.

CR: What do you expect from your officials to Texas A&M and Oklahoma?

AH: Oklahoma – Spring game. I expect to see what it would be like to go there. A&M same thing. What I see on TV. It is really like that. Building relationships.

CR: With Jimbo Fisher now at A&M, what are you seeing from your perspective? Is there any shift?

AH: The way he airs the ball out. That is music to a receiver’s ear. The way he puts them in space. It plays a big part in our top three that we have been dropping lately.

This tight bond between Theo and Arjei will be something to watch. Can two five star receivers play at the same school? It will be interesting to follow.