AYTV: Speedy Noil reflects on trip to AM

Rivals100 WR Speedy Noil explains what he was looking for while in College Station for the Texas A&M, Alabama game, and his mother reviews what questions she had for the A&M coaches.
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Noil's mother accompanied him on his trip to College Station for the Texas A&M, Alabama game. She said that they enjoyed their visit, and the A&M coaching staff was impressed with the questions she had for them.

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Noil's mother was not afraid to ask the hard questions. For example, what are the chances that Kevin Sumlin will still be coaching at A&M throughout her sons collegiate career? Where does Speedy fit in the depth chart? What are the chances that Mike Evans or Johnny Manziel will still be at A&M?
Noil's mother appeared to be satisfied with the answers she received. She said the coaches showed her a detailed layout of where Speedy would fit in and what the depth chart could look like. According to Noil's mother Speedy was on the layout at least four different times. She also spoke of the Aggies 2014 quarterback commit Kyle Allen.
Noil's mother said she would support her son wherever he decides to go. "If it were A&M, I wouldn't mind that," she said.