AYTV: Sumlin is happy with the Aggies effort

AYTV: Sumlin impressed with the effort from AggieYell TV on Vimeo.
After Monday's practice, Texas A&M head Coach Kevin Sumlin did not have much to say as to why Mike Evans and Tra Carson were sitting out. When asked what he could say about the matter, Sumlin simply said, "Nothing."
Johnny Manziel and the graduate assistant situation was brought up and was a tense topic. It appeared to be tense only because Sumlin was tired of talking about it and he was more concerned about the health of his players.
"To be honest with you, I didn't see it," said Sumlin. "I heard about it. People make a big deal out of stuff like that. Things happen all of the time in football...It is about as big of a story as Kliff wearing black all the time..."
According to Sumlin Manziel and the GA were not the big story of the scrimmage.
"We had one serious injury, and that was Travis Labhart broke a collarbone," said Sumlin. "There is something for you."