Junction Boys Reunion

The boys of Junction and Legendary Texas A&M Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant's training camp reunite in Junction this weekend for their 60th reunion. In honor of the event AggieYell takes you back to an interview with Bill Schroeder who recalls his story from the days at Junction.
After a long day of training camp under Coach Bryant one of his players, Billy Schroeder, remembers Coach calling the team down in the middle of the night for a meeting. The team was nervous wondering what did they do to make "The Bear" upset enough to call a meeting in the middle of night. Mr. Schroeder said they walked into a dark meeting room and there was Coach.
"He looked like Moses," said Mr. Schroeder. "He had a bible open, candle lit and a long robe on."
Schroeder said Coach had their full attention as he read a couple bible verses of hope, inspiration, strength and never giving up.
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