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Out of Arlington?

The neutral site matchup between Texas A&M and Arkansas has become increasingly unpopular among fans not in Dallas/Fort Worth since the Aggies’ arrival in the Southeastern Conference. For the first time, it looks like an administrator with one of the programs may be willing to look for a way out.

The Aggies have dominated Arkansas in Arlington, but fans are growing tired of the neutral site.
The Aggies have dominated Arkansas in Arlington, but fans are growing tired of the neutral site.

The Southwest Classic between the Aggies and Razorbacks at AT&T Stadium in Arlington began when A&M was still in the Big 12, giving the two teams a chance to fill their non-conferene schedule with a quality opponent. Now that both teams are in the SEC West, the game is now looked at more as a lost home game every other year.

When A&M entered the SEC in 2012, the two teams reached an agreement with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (an Arkansas graduate) allowing both teams to host a game before returning to AT&T Stadium in 2014. In exhange, the contract for the series was extended to 2024.

Even though fans on both sides have grumbled about the arrangement, there has been no attempt by either Arkansas or A&M to find a way out. That may have changed Tuesday, when new A&M AD Ross Bjork indicated on social media that he might seek alternatives to the current situation.

After an A&M former student tweeted that he would look to build a staute of Bjork if he could get the Arkansas game out of Arlington and back to a regular home and home affair, Bjork responded.

That may be easier said than done, but it is the first time any A&M official has publicly indicated even the most remote interest in ending the current arrangement. Former AD Scott Woodward, now with LSU, said several times he liked playing the game at AT&T Stadium -- as well as the additional revenue stream it brought the program.

The Aggies and Razorbacks will kick off at 11 a.m. central time Sept. 28, which will be the third consecutive year that has occurred. The Aggies are undefeated against Arkansas since joining the SEC.