Postgame quotes

Notes from players and coach Kevin Sumlin after Texas A&M's 51-41 win over Mississippi State:
Julien Obioha:
* On the defense's performance: "We had some good things and some bad things, and we really need to work on those bad things. We made alot of stops, so we need to keep emphasizing."
* On Dak Prescott: "He's a big quarterback, 240 pounds, kind of like Tim Tebow. That's the first time we've seen a guy like that. He's a great player, but we made enough stops to get the W."
* On the last home game: "We're very blessed to close out the out Kyle Field with a win. In one word: grateful."
Malcome Kennedy:
* "We had a lot of energy coming out when we heard how loud the 12th Man was. Just coming out and feeling them and knowing it was the last game was something that pushed us."
* "When it's size against speed, one or the other is going to win, and tonight it was speed."
* On his first TD: "Initially, it was a 10-yard dig ... he jumped out of there like he normally does, escaped the defender and I just got to a nice place away from the defender."
* "We fumbled and messed up on ourselves...thankfully, tonight it didn't cost us the game."
* On Manziel and Evans: "Everyone would like to have them back, but you have to make decisions in life and it was nice playing with them."
Johnny Manziel:
* "It was an awesome atmosphere. Final game for a lot of seniors that i've developed a bond with ... to win and celebrate the fans was great."
* On whether he's decided to go pro: "Not one bit. I'm just concentrated on getting us to a BCS bowl."
* "This was a great way to celebrate the last game of THIS year."
* On one more year -- "It's cool, not just for me, but Mike, Cedric, Deshazor, Jarvis and other guys who will go to the next level."
* "There's something special about Kyle Field. This speaks volumes about how awesome this fan base is ... it's a special place and I love it here."
* With Evans: "We're both really blessed. We both have a great support system ... and great support from this fan base."
* On LSU: "We're going to be watching a lot of film on a defense that scheme-wise, does a lot of great thing.
People who don't think we have a chance to do something that hasn't been done at this school at a long time is crazy."
* On the Heisman: "I want nothing more than to win these next two games. There's no way to describe how bad I want to win those last two games."
* "Greed is a terrible thing and trying to get that touchdown to pass ... I know better than that."
Travis Labhart:
* On his last game at Kyle Field: "the whole process of gameday was just great, but when you get out there you want to perform at your best, and I tried to do that today."
* "I may not be the fastest guy, but I am shifty."
Ben Malena:
* "If they're going to call us one on one, I've got to do something crazy (the cash out king cape)."
* On Manziel: "His determination to win, that's something you just can't coach. And he's the defending Heisman Trophy winner. How many guys can say they played with a Heisman Trophy winner?"
* On Manziel getting in the stands: "Me and Trey Williams were in the stands also with the crowd. I thought, this is my last game at Kyle Field, so why not?"
* On becoming a fan favorite: "It's an experience as a lifetime. The 12th Man, we have the best student body in the country. Hands down."
Coach Sumlin:
*"How about the fireworks at the end? That was a nice touch. A lot of things have changed around here the last couple of years."
* On Kyle Field: "This place will never look the same. It's a growth process, but for our guys to be a part of that and for our seniors, that was something special."
* On the seniors: "I break them into two different groups: guys who have been here for four or five years who have been here through two conferences, been a part of a lot of big games, both good and bad. Then you've got some guys, walkons like Travis Labhart, who have hung around ... then you have the guys like Steven Jenkins and Otis Jacobs. They've all blended together. Our job tonight was to make this a positive moment for them."
* On Manziel: "He's a pretty emotional guy all the time. Nothing surprises me before the game. i would be surprised if he WASN'T emotional before the game."
* On special teams: "That's our second blocked punt here in the past couple weeks and we were close before that. We're aggressive by nature and our kids believe in it. We're using our front-line players; we really missed Tra Carson tonight not only as a running back, but as a two or three play special teams player. There's no doubt that (Banks) has brought a real aggressive and solid dimension to our football team. We just haven't been luck with the bounce (on blocks); the thing keeps going out of the end zone. The blocked field goal was big for momentum at the time ... special teams made a big difference in the game tonight."
* On the rest of the season: "We've still got some things out there for us. There was a lot of emotion out there tonight. That setting will never look that way again. I told the guys before we went out there -- you need to take this in and remember it, because it will never be like this again."
* On Manziel and Evans: "They've meant a lot. You're really talking about two guys who, two or three years ago, nobody knew anything about. They've grown into guys that everyone's aware of now. They've got similar issues in that they have to deal with the same sort of problems, coming from obscurity. They can talk to each other about things that are a little different that other guys on the team don't have to deal with."
* On the defense: "We were hit or miss. They've moved the ball on everybody. They moved the ball up and down the field last week but turned the ball over against South Carolina. We were good at times and we were poor at times, and that's not what you want from anything. You want consistency, and you see these breakdowns.
* On Trey Williams: "He's a fun-loving kid, but he's got to understand what's at stake when he's playing. Personal fouls hurt the whole football team. What you think is funny or a celebration or any of those things can be detrimental to the whole team."
* On the bye week: "It's just a little bit different. We've got the bye week and it comes a good time. We need to get healed up. We'll do some things this week and then we'll turn to LSU. We've got two of the best things not only in our league, but in the country, to play on the road. I think the bye week comes at a good point for us from a healing standpoint, from a rest standpoint and getting ready for who we have to play."
* On the end of the 1st half: "That gave us some life and gave us some separation. We were frustrated that we gave up a turnover going in, so it was big (to score). It was big to keep that cushion when you're getting the ball starting the second half."
* On Travis Labhart and Malcome Kennedy: "There are some spaces in the middle of the field (because of Mike Evans), and Travis and Malcome have been taking advantage of that. For us to be successful, they have to have to see that and be successful too."
* On USC: (shrugs) "I'm not talking about any of that. I'm talking about LSU."