RSJ and how he will decide

Sealy wide receiver Ricky Seals-Jones has managed to stay humble as the nation broadcasts his name. For the past year it has been crazy to be Ricky Seals-Jones. When you look past the cameras, lights and young fame there is a 17 year-old young man who looks up to his older brother Jamal Jones very much. Jamal has been there for his brother throughout the recruiting process and was there Monday when Seals-Jones received his Army All-American jersey.
Jamal walked on at the University of Houston and played under Art Briles. In spring 2008 Jamal played for Coach Kevin Sumlin.
"Coach Sumlin is a great Coach," said Jamal. "He is more hands on and gets involved. That would be good for Ricky if he decides to go to A&M."
"I ended up having to leave football because I couldn't afford it at the time. I was not on scholarship so I had to make changes."
What advice do you give Ricky?
"I told Ricky to look at the wide receivers, how they are coached, how many are there, who plays and it is important to look at the quarterback. I said that it's important to play with a younger quarterback. It would be hard to play with a quarterback who may leave soon. You don't want to have to learn to trust and get familiar with one quarterback and then have to do it all over again right away. I also stress the coaching. Ricky is not the most outgoing person. He is real down to earth and wants that family atmosphere wherever he goes. At then end of the day he is choosing between two great schools and two great coaches. I tell him it is also important to have a great relationship with his position coach because that is the coach he is going to be spending the most time with. I went to both schools with him I talked with both Coach Miles and Coach Sumlin. Both were good talks."