Saturday Practice Notes

The Aggies had a quick turnaround and were back out on the practice fields at 10 a.m., and here are a few observations from a brisk practice:
The same group of players we mentioned yesterday -- Jay Arnold, Daeshon Hall, Ivan Robinson, Brandon Alexander, Jarvis Harrison and Alex Sezer Jr. -- were out today. Tyrone Taylor was as well. We won't see Arnold or Hall this spring as they recover from shoulder injuries, which is a setback, to put it mildly.
A lot of recruits and commits on the field today. Myles Garrett was there, and he looks like he can play right now. Donovan Wilson and the Shreveport contingent were there, including T.D. Moton.
Kyle Allen has been drawing a ton of attention, but Kenny Hill has been every bit as impressive -- if not moreso. During the drills we've been able to see, he's been very accurate and has looked extremely good on the move. He knows the receivers better than Allen, and that may be an advantage at this point. Whatever the case may be, he looks good.
Allen hasn't exactly been a slouch either. The ball comes out of his hand so quickly and with a lot more velocity than you would expect, honestly. Everything is smooth and natural, then the ball comes out with a lot of zip. He's got a better arm than I had anticipated.
Avery Gennesy and Jermiane Eluemunor were taking the snaps at right tackle, and I think that's going to be the competition for that job. Joe Cheek was taking snaps with the backups at right guard, while Jeremiah Stuckey was the backup left tackle. Ryan Lindblade was at left tackle, which is pretty surprising for a walk-on. Odds are Gennesy or Eluemunor would be the real backup there.
Trey Williams is built like a little truck. He's probably pushing 200 lbs. now, but he's still got the agility that makes him special. He shot through one of the cone drills today and when he was done, he didn't need the extra 15 to 20 feet the other guys needed to slow down. He just hit the breaks stopped and went to the back of the line.
Speedy Noil is a natural. There's just no other way to put it. He gets into top gear in a remarkably short time and, like I said yesterday, just glides. He does stuff that would be difficult for most wideouts to match and looks like he's not even trying hard.
One point of emphasis for the wideouts so far has been being sharper with their cuts, especially on crossing routes. The coaches got on Malcome Kennedy for rounding off his routes, gave him an example of what they wanted to see and he came out and hit the route properly the next time.
Justin Manning looks slimmer and seems to be at least a little quicker this spring as opposed to last fall. With Robinson out for at least a while, he should get a real good shot to make an impact this spring.
Reggie Chevis looks like he's in better shape too, even though he's still stout. AJ Hilliard looks a good bit bigger than he was last fall, so he's got the size to compete for a job. Still haven't seen where they intend to use him, however.
I've heard Terry Joseph's voice more in two days than I heard Marcel Yates' in two years. Take that for whatever it's worth.