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TAMU Commits at UA Houston Camp

AY goes one-on-one with The Woodlands, College Park Texas A&M commit, 2020 offensive lineman Josh Bankhead:


AY: Tell us where you are at in the recruiting process considering Coach Jim Turner has left A&M for the NFL?

JB: I am still 100% committed to the 12th Man. Turner leaving was really hard, because I feel like I could go and talk to him about anything. It’s still that way, but he is pretty far away now. Josh Henson is the real deal too. He treats us just like Coach Turner would too. It’s just a different voice in my ear when I get there. Nothing is changing...I did send Coach Turner a message that he deserves to coach in the league, and that I’m not going anywhere and I’m going to make him proud.

AY: You mentioned Josh Henson already —coming from Ok. St. It all happened pretty quickly, but I’ve been told he has already started reaching out to players and prospects. Has he reached out to you?

JB: Yes he has. We actually had a good conversation on Tuesday night. I like him, and my family was rest assured that I am going to be treated the same way. The way he was at Oklahoma State—he would have his offensive line over for dinner, and treated them like they were his own kid. I can appreciate that. I know I am going to be in good hands.

AY: you already said you are 100% committed to A&M, so on a scale of 1-to-10 that would be?

JB: An 11.

AY: A lot of great players out, and I know you are out here to show what you have got, but there are some other Aggies out here...what’s your communication like with those guys in your commitment class?

JB: It’s amazing. The guys that are committed to us, we’ve spent a lot of time together actually—the recruiting events at A&M. They are all really good guys that come from great families, and I am looking forward to going to war with them.

AY: Are there any guys that you are working on?

JB: Jaquelin Roy (Baron Rouge, University Lab DT). He’s committed to LSU right now. He was at Super Bowl Sunday junior day at A&M. The first time he and I met was during one-on-one’s at A&M camp in June. We went head-to-head on almost every rep. It was a battle, and we developed respect for each other as players and people. He’s a very good guy, and I would love for him to be my roommate.

Tomball four-star 2020 wide receiver and Texas A&M commit Demond Demas showed up wearing an Aggie shirt. Demas will more than likely still be taking visits to other programs, but the Aggies are on solid ground with his commitment status.

Cibolo Steele four-star 2020 cornerback and Texas A&M commit Jaylon Jones showed up wearing an A&M beanie. He confirmed he is solid in his commitment to A&M.

AY spoke to Chibuzo this week and he said despite Coach Turner leaving he is solid to A&M. He also had positive feedback concerning the Aggies new OL coach Josh Henson.

“I like Josh Henson,” said Chibuzo. “He offered me when he was at Ok. St. so I know him previously from that. We’ve been talking for a while now...I talked it all over with my family, and they support me. They said A&M is the place for me.”

AY: You were recently at A&M for the Super Bowl Junior Day. The 2020 class gained two more commits. Tell is about that day and your time there.

SC: I go up there a lot and every time it feels like seeing family again—Seeing everybody and being with everybody. We enjoyed ourselves; ate great.

Even though Ogunbiyi visited Texas, he is locked in at A&M. It is safe to say the Aggies should not be worried about the trip to Austin.