The Zone users preseason Special Teams MVP

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We asked members of Aggie Websider’s premium message board — The Zone — to give us their preseason most valuable player selections for the Texas A&M special teams. The Zone has spoken, and after a close vote for defensive player of the year, the special teams player of the year vote was a landslide with the winner winning by over 30 votes.
Here are the final results of The Zone’s Preseason Special Teams Player of the Year Poll (number of votes are in parenthesis), followed by comments from several of our subscribers:
1. Terrence Murphy, kick returner/punt returner, senior (41 votes)
2. Todd Pegram, kicker, junior (8)
3. Richie Bean, kicker, junior (7)
4. The 12th Man (2)
5. Erik Mayes, returner, freshman (1)
Aggies9496 votes:
Terrence Murphy. This one is EASY. Terrance Murphy...hands down! If he puts up the same return numbers as last year this is a slam dunk.
kotz2001 votes:
Terrence Murphy. The more I hear about this guy, I really get the feeling that he is gonna be something special. He's obviously a phenomenal talent, but his leadership, work ethic and character is what's really going to pay dividends for the rest of the team.
Ag_Luv votes:
Todd Pegram. Pegs will kick the most FGs in the Big XII this year and connect on over 80% of them, missing only from 42+.
chrisgriz votes:
Terrence Murphy. I think that this should be close to unanimous. Last year, this guy was a threat for a home run every single time he got his hands on the ball during kick offs. I truly believe that he will surpass all of last year's return statistics and all of our expectations as a deep man on kick-offs.
Herman99 votes:
Richie Bean. It will be nice to see some kick offs go into the endzone and through the endzone for a change. Plus if he punts well we could be looking at an advantage we haven't seen since the 2002 OU game where Scates was fantastic.
cameron00 votes:
Terrence Murphy. It's going to be Murphy, although I would like for it to be noted that I believe a young man by the name of Eric Mayes is going to see plenty of returns this year. I'm also curious as to what Japhus Brown is capable of.
BIG LANNY votes:
Todd Pegram. He will win 2 games for us this year. One of them being t.u. in Austin.
BigJohn25 votes:
Todd Pegram. While I think Murphy will do well this year, Pegram will win us some close games. I think FG's will be an important aspect this year and Pegram will come through in the clutch.
agheartawardson votes:
Terrence Murphy. Anytime you have a weapon who can get you 20 yards per return and a possibility of taking it to the house everytime, is the MVP hands down. Teams may have to squib to keep us from the 35 or better.
atmwins votes:
Richie Bean. Although t-murph will have a tremendous impact, bean's kicking will make a huge difference on field position for the opponent. if he's everything he's cracked up to be. I can't wait to see kickoffs get into the endzone rather than the 12 yd line.
hammitron votes:
Todd Pegram. Hopefully, we're in some close ones this year. If that's the case, Toddy Too Hotty will be very important to our success. He may not have a monster leg, but he's accurate within his range. That's huge on the college level.
BornAg votes:
The 12th Man. Whoever earned the privilege to be wearing it that week.
BBGigem votes:
Terrence Murphy. If nothing more than holding on to punts. I fully expect him to do something with the ball after catching it as well. There should be a huge difference in every facet of our special teams play this year. Fran expects it therefore so do I.
Jay 94 votes:
The 12th Man. Is there any doubt? The Team Representative and the Student Body must step it up this year. It is our duty to help motivate the team. The team is going to do their part to "Take Back Kyle"; Will WE answer the call? I for one will! I challenge each and every member of the 12th Man to do their part in "Taking Back Kyle. If you do not leave each game hoarse, then you came to watch...NOT PLAY!
HerpERvet votes:
Richie Bean. Murph is the obvious choice. I like Bean however, since field position will consistently make a huge impact. Bean could be a real weapon folks. I mean were talkin' about the difference between 15 to 20 yards a possession if he can kick it out of the end zone consistently. Hopefully he will get a bunch of chances this year.
jamodi83 votes:
Terrence Murphy. Absolutely have to go w/ t murph!!! I do hope that Pegram and bean step up this year and show why some have voted for them though. special teams is always important and we need ours to step it up big time!!!