Vickiel Vaughn Scouting Report

Plano West S/WR Vickiel Vaughn has had 38 offers to play college football which sounds impressive – unless you’re his twin sister.
You see, Rochelle Vaughn is a fine basketball player in own right and according to Vickiel has had visits in the past couple of weeks from head coaches at Texas A&M, Arkansas, and Texas. Vickiel hasn’t been able to generate that kind traffic - yet. Odds are he will come December and January, especially he keeps catching TD passes and intercepting them in the same game-as he has already done twice this year.
Vaughn is making a comeback of sorts after injuring his knee in the playoffs last December and undergoing full reconstructive knee surgery. In his first game this year against Flower Mound Marcus, Vaughn noted that “I felt normal once I got back into uniform”. Vaughn plays FS for West in their 4-4 and 4-3 defenses. In the man free he plays centerfield and in the two-deep he plays one-half of the field. Vaughn also stated that “I’m supposed to be playing WR full time but they are just putting me in when we need a big play. As a result, I’m not getting water breaks as often”.
We talked about some of the plays he has made this year. On his interception in his own end zone against Flower Mound Marcus “the QB had someone behind me open, but the wind pushed it short and I was able to break on it”.
TD catch vs Marcus: “We ran a stack and I was the front guy. When we ran the play before, the coach told me that the back guy had caught the ball and to look for it. This time, David (David Lofton, the QB) pumped the ball and I ran to the end zone”.
Interception and TD catch on back-to-back plays against Flower Mound: “I was playing the two deep on the left side, he threw behind the receiver and I went up and got it. Normally when I come off the field on defense I take a water break. I was expecting to go back in but not that fast. They lined me up on the right side isolated one on one and threw a fade route”.
Not surprisingly, Vaughn plays lots of AAU basketball at both the point guard and shooting guard positions. “I would like to play basketball in college if I could” and “would be willing to walk-on”. He did not play last year due to his knee injury but played as a sophomore. “Actually, I grew up playing basketball moreso than football but I’ve gotten more accolades from football”.
Vaughn reported that the recruiting process has been “great”. He visited Arkansas, UCLA, and Texas A&M this past summer. He “does not have any favorites” at this time and that it “doesn’t matter whether or not I stay in state”. Education is his #1 priority in choosing a school because “the team can only go so far” and wants to major in business. He has talked to OU head coach Bob Stoops, Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt, and UCLA head coach Bob Toledo in recent days, and noted that coaches are calling “every chance they get”. Which means, of course, that the Vaughn household is a busy one between all the notice Vickiel and his sister are attracting.
Tonight I will be at the Plano East/Plano West contest to see one of the best rivalries in the Dallas area. In addition, I’ll be able to see Vaughn and other highly regarded players such as Plano West QB, David Lofton, Plano West SS Kellen Tillman, and Plano East OL Justin Blaylock. Look for a report early next week on both the game and the prospects.