Eluemunor uses size, strength to his advantage

Lakawanna (Pennsylvania) Community College offensive tackle Jermaine Eluemunor grew up in England and began playing football only he after he moved to the United States as a sophomore in high school. He went to junior college after not attracting much attention coming out of high school and has seen time at both guard and tackle (mostly tackle).
In his freshman film from Lackawanna, Eluemunor looks like someone who hasn't played the game for very long. He plays tall and doesn't always understand who to go after, especially if there's no one there at the first level. However, his gifts are apparent from early on in the film. He can drop down from a pass blocking stance and cut block an opposing lineman. He can come out of his stance, get his hands on a defender, and drive them backwards. He has decent footwork, good enough to position himself with an opponent trying to get around him. He can really uncoil with his punch and pop people even if they are moving in space.
In his sophomore film, Eluemunor seems much more sure of himself. He also played guard (which plays to his upper body strength and aggression) as well as tackle. Because he has good punch and can keep going at the second and third levels, he's always taking shots at defenders who aren't looking around like they should. In addition, he can literally pick them and throw them down to the ground. He also has good enough lateral movement that he can cut off penetration from a lineman lined up in the gap.
The most impressive thing about Eluemunor is watching him in open space when his team throws screen passes. They like to throw them to his side and we're talking traditional screens with short throws to backs, not bubble or tunnel screens. He can get out and lead the receiver very, very well for a lineman his size and keep going even after he's made contact early in the play. This also serves him well on scoop blocks when he makes contact in a double team and then leaves them to go get the linebacker.
Overall, his strong suit as a player is his upper body strength and hands; he uses them to move people around and bury them, not just keep them at arms length. Couple with his ability to run and versatility to play inside or outside, it's easy to see why he's one of the top rated junior college offensive linemen on the board and a very good pickup for the Aggies.